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ECG Machine

The cardiac activity creates electrical currents that spreads from the heart to the body. This ECG Machine can be detected and recorded the spreading electrical currents of heart through electrodes attached to the skin on various locations on the body. It is useful for the identification of disorders of the cardiac rhythm and the diagnosis of abnormalities on the cardiac activity. The portable MAGIC - R12 is designed to record the standard 12-lead resting ECG with 12 or 6 channel format in automatic mode or 12 or 6-lead combination of the 12 leads in manual mode. Measurement, analysis and interpretation program acquires 10-second data of 12-lead ECG. The built-in thermal head printer with high accuracy printing speed ensures clear and reliable ECG trace outs on thermo-sensitive paper of letter-size paper width. To display ECG signal, one or three of the 12-lead ECG can be displayed continuously on the black and white graphic LCD.

The MAGIC - R12 ECG system is operated by main AC 100-240V (∼50/60Hz) without additional adjustment, or by the built-in rechargeable battery which can be used for a limited time in place of AC power. To connect main AC power of ECG system to the portable multiple socket-outlet or distributor, do not place the multiple socket-outlet. The maximum operating power for the portable multiple socket-outlet must be minimum 250V 10A. The portable multiple socket-outlets can be connected to an AC power line, which is the part of other, approved electric devices.


Type Color TFT Display
Size 5.7" Diagonally
Resolution 320x240 dots
Channel 3 channel
Electrode 5 leads
ECG acquisition Patient Cable and Paddles
Display 2 waveforms with HR and joules selected
Lead Lead I,II,III, aVr, a VI, aVf, V
Gain selection 0.5,1,1.5 or 2
Sweep Speeds 12.5, 25 or 50mm/sec
Heart rate range 20 - 250 bpm
Heart rate accuracy ±2bpm
Frequency response 0.05 to 40 Hz
CMRR >100dB
Input impedance >>100 M Ohms