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Sex Therapy Unit

The Sex Therapy Equipment manufactured by us presents an innovation in the field of sexual healthcare. By incorporating proven principles, the Sex Therapy Equipment treats a variety of sexual deviations in men and women. Specially designed by qualified experts, the Sex Therapy Equipment cures the addiction to sexual deviation and similar disorders and activities.

Effective in addiction of :
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • Sexual deviations
  • Sex Therapy Equipment for male and female in a single unit
  • Carrying case made of rexine with a side pocket to keep the electrodes, the case can be easily opened and closed
  • A.C. Input cord
  • Output electrodes and accessories
  • A pair of Earphones
  • Seven number of flexible plates covered by cotton, which serve as the electrodes.
  • Five single cords with banana pins fixed on either ends. One end of the banana pin on each cord passes through the groove of the plate
  • A twin cord, which consists of two red wires, one end of which are jointed together and fixed on a banana pin. The other two free end on separate banana pins. This passes through the grooves of the plates
  • Four straps with Velcron attachment at the ends. These straps are used to fasten the electrodes on the body of the subject
  • Instrument
  • Aversion Therapy Unit
  • Stammer Suppressor
  • Brain Polarizer
  • Sex Therapy Unit.
  • Advanced
  • Highly effective
  • Tested
  • Competitively priced